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Houston, TX | Harris County


December 12, 2011

WHEN THE DISTRICT WAS CLOSING SCHOOLS THEY SHOULD HAVE STARTED WITH THIS ONE!!!!!!! A lot of the teachers are sooooo unconcerned!!!!

Submitted by a parent

August 15, 2010

This school needs a make over in the front office on down to the attendance . You call up there and nobody never knows anything . I get calls on cell with messages when I call , they don't even know who sent them or anything about. It needs a major make over building wise as well as better security staff not to mention nurse staff as well. Parents really need to get involved and just pop in once in a while to check how there teacher is teaching and how somethimes students get misplaced or lost .

Submitted by a parent

April 13, 2010

This school needs a Staff makeover and it is not a good school as some have posted , Need to really go and check it out personally

Submitted by a parent

January 15, 2009

My son is a freshman at Waltrip and I am his father and I are very happy with his ajustment at Waltrip this tear. the teachers and coaches have shown total support in our son's education and althelic achievements. We look forward to the next three years at Waltrip

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September 27, 2007

I had two other grandkids go to Reagan, neither one of them stayed very long.They tranferred out of there, and graduated from other schools. Now I have a granddaughter I made sure that she was enrolled at Waltrip before school even started. She really likes it there. She even surprised me by joining the JROTC, that was great. I'm very proud of her.

Submitted by a parent

July 27, 2007

Both my daughters have attended Waltrip. First one graduated 2001, graduated U of H Sigma Cum Laude, and is now teaching in HISD close to Waltrip. The other one is a senior. I love this school. My girls feel totally safe attending Waltrip. Waltrip is a hidden treasure in HISD.

Submitted by a parent

January 11, 2006

I transferred my Daughter into this school from Reagan High School. I noticed a big difference in the first day being there with her. I love this school. I think the teachers and the entire staff are wonderful.

Submitted by a parent

August 24, 2005

It's a great school with a laid back eniviorment, I love it.

Submitted by a parent

October 14, 2004

I feel that this school is very educational and offers many programs of which I never even knew existed. It helps me out alot. I really enjoy the people there and the atmosphere. Everyone's really friendly and so hospitable. I really appreciate this since it is my first year.

Submitted by a student

March 1, 2004

I graduated from Waltrip in 1999. Waltrip did not prepare me for college in the slightest. I am still in college and I find that my writing skills are not as good as they should be. My English teacher simply never prepared us for college. We did very simple 'busy' work.

Submitted by a former student

September 9, 2003

When I saw the rating for my old school, I wasn't really surprised. I am a college graduate, and I must say Waltrip did not prepare me for the schoolwork that I was faced with in college. I took the so say college preparatory courses, yet I felt really behind in the basics such as math and English, and to clarify when I say English I mean writing papers any kind of term papers. It was crazy because I went to school out of state, and the students whom I associated with did things in their high schools that I just never touched.

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