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August 7, 2013

My school is great! The teachers don't only teach they teach with their heart. The school is finely built. I would recommend having harder work for the top students of the class as a challenge though and for the students who need help to never work under their grade level. Overall the school is great (especially the students in the vanguard group ;) and the teachers in the school)

May 16, 2013

In many instamces test scores and student performance do not correlate'It causes one to wonder why scores are high and performance is often not even mediocre. The administration becomes offended when statements are made such as this or even when a teacher questions the performance of a student enrolled in the Vanguard students. The Vanguard students appear to receive preferential treatment in all aspects of school activities. Also, many of the teachers appear to assigne busy work not only during the school day but also for homework. Parents also receive preferential treatment for their children based upon their economic status, professional status and/or involvement in school functions especially PTA sponsored activities. Teachers appear to receive preferential treatment according to the way they respond and agree with the administration - ethical or unethical.

January 25, 2013

Oak Forest has really caring teachers, but the school seems to be growing a lot faster it can manage and like most public schools there are too many students per teacher. Teachers don't have the time to control the behavioral problems; there seems to be a lot of fighting that gets ignored. I've seen kids hitting each other outside while waiting in the car line. Bullying theme: "it happens everywhere so get used to being victimized." I have nothing positive to say about the principal leadership at this school. There is a culture of bullying and tolerance here, good bureaucrats run this place. I'm not impressed with the Vanguard program; it's uneven. Some of the school work is challenging, but a lot of it is busy work. I find some of the material worded poorly thus making it confusing. It appears tests are more important than actually learning. The PTA is very active; they work hard to keep OFE running well. I'm impressed by the level of commitment by these parents, but there isn t necessarily a community feel unless you re actively involved. If you have a gifted child, consider something like Montessori, Waldorf, Paideia, or a Charter School.

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May 22, 2012

My daughter was in Mrs. McWilliams class last year and was transferred into the Vanguard Program for first grade with Mrs. Anderson. The homework is given everyday except Friday, which is sometimes tiresome for the parents as much as the kids. My daughter struggled at the beginning of the school year with the work load, however Mrs. Anderson offered to tutor her during the week after school to help her get a better grasp. My daughter brings home high marks and is now reading at a 3rd grade midyear level. Between working hard at home and the teacher's great efforts, my daughter is blossoming! I couldn't be happier. Great Teachers, very involved parents and love our crossing guard. It seems to be a well rounded school so far.

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April 24, 2012

My daughter is just about to finish K at OFE and I have to say she has had an excellent year. Ms. Paule has made the entry into the world of education very easy for her. I cannot thank this teacher enough. My child will start in OFE Vanguard program in September and we are very excited. The school has an amazing community support and very pleasant environment conductive to learning.

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March 4, 2012

We are zoned to Oak Forest Elementary. Our children have been attending school there for 2 years. We love it! My children's teachers have been very sweet & understanding. Yes, the curriculum is rigorous & there is nightly homework, but the results are amazing. My older child has grown & learned so much! I am truly impressed. I never would have believed that he would know so much at such a young age. His teacher doesnt only focus on avademics. She also teaches them to be a valuable, contributing member of society & how to be caring & compassionate. We love Mrs. Llamo!!!

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January 20, 2012

This is our second year attending Oak Forest Elementary School. We have been very pleased with the leadership and the teachers. Both of our teachers have had high academic expectations for their students. The school is very organized and is run efficiently. The PTA is great! You have to get involved by "chairing" a committee to really appreicate all that it does for the school. I would recommend this school to anyone and look forward to more years there.

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October 6, 2011

I attended OFE and If you are truely talented DONT COME HERE. All they care about is test scores. If your child is below average they dont care about you. Also my sister goes there and is bullied endless. ALl of these good reviews are probably from staff. THe new principal never even smiled. No activites unless you want to pay 600 dollars or more and Believe me this is coming from a strait A vanguard student. In afterschool program the teachers are rude. I am glad to be outta there. But all they wanted was my good test scores. -.- This is actually coming from a student. Not a parent so I know what I am talking about. The ONLY good thing here is the nice teachers. Only some of them. I AM SERIOUS, all they do is test test test, benchmark tests real tests and blah blah.

September 26, 2011

Our two children attend Oak Forest Elementary and we feel that it is one of the best kept secrets in Houston. I have been very involved in the PTA since my kids started kindergarten. As a new parent, I was welcomed and encouraged to participate. I am skeptical that the parent who posted that the PTA is snobby ever really participated. If she/he had participated, they probably would have learned pretty quickly that Oak Forest has a PTA, not a PTO (Parent Teacher Association not Parent Teacher Organization). Oak Forest PTA is made up of a wonderful, diverse mix of parents, grandparents, step-parents, guardians, etc. As with everything, you will get out of it, what you put into it. If the school is not a good fit for your family, I understand and respect your decision. However, it is an incredible school for many of us and we are proud and grateful that our children attend Oak Forest.

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September 26, 2011

I love this school. There is so much teacher and parent involvement and a strong emphasis on learning and success for the children. My son is in the Vanguard program. I've been really pleased in how well he is excelling.

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June 29, 2011

We left Oak Forest last year for a school rated "lower" according to the TEA, and couldn't be happier with our new choice. Only at our new school was I fully able to appreciate what a TAKS factory OFE is. It was all testing, all the time there. I would much rather have my kids (both straight-A Vanguard students, by the way) attend a Recognized school that is teaching the whole child and not just focusing on test scores. Oh, and the PTO is a big clique, snobby and elitist. If you don't fit their perfect Stepford mold, you won't be called no matter how often you volunteer. The specialist classes are a joke - band and guitar only in 4th and 5th grade, no vocal music taught at all. We were disappointed with art and the other specials as well. But those areas don't directly contribute to high test scores, so no time/effort/funding is put into them.

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April 18, 2011

I attended OFE K-5 and had a fabulous experience! I am now in 6th grader at Lanier and am thriving in all of my classes thanks to the hard work of the amazing OFE staff! I still go back to visit them! The cirriculiam is very rigorous at Oak Forest and you are always being challenged. If you want your kid to be challenged, and have fun while doing it send them to Oak Forest!

December 4, 2010

The teachers at this school care only for TAKS scores. We moved from a top ranked school district to the area and have been disappointed. I sat next to a teacher during a the first grade program- during the entire program the teacher(s) sat and discussed a little girls mother and how "awful" she is. Unprofessional and they disclosed the name of the child and parent. Like I said, they are teaching a test and not fundamental skills. Most of these 'fabulous' reviews have likely been written my the teachers or staff of the school.

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April 28, 2010

We are so happy to be zoned to Oak Forest Elementary. Ms.Paule is the best!

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August 7, 2008

This will be my son`s second year here.He loved his 2 nd grade teacher and she was very helpful.She didn`t put up with poor behavoir or bullying.No problem with what is being taught,as far i as know the test they take is not just on one subject.

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